Turn the key, just to play... - Abyssal Warlord

Recently i finished my second version of the Abyssal Warlord, a wonderful sculpt from Raul Garcia Latorre for Scale 75.

So for this one i wanted to get rid of the sea related elements, to make him sort of an evil automaton, waiting for an idiot to turn the key!

The modifications, the base and the painting process of the whole piece will be detailed in three future steps by steps. I'll write them as soon as possible, as some other tutorials i have in mind.

Here it is :

For the history, here's the first version i did nearly 2 years ago. As you can see i resculpted him a trident, added a dorsal fin and painted him in full TMP with kind of rusty tones. 

I wasnt really satisfied with this version and always thought i would paint another one, that pleases me more. Now it's done :)

Which one do you prefer?


Soundproofing your compressor


Maybe some of you have the same problem, compressors can be... noisy! Specially when, like me, you paint at night when your kids / wife / family are sleeping. Even if i dont use the airbrush very often, it happened to be an issue.

I thought about buying another compressor, but the silent ones are way too expensive. The cheapest solution was to build a soundproof box.

So here's what we need to do it :

- Wooden boards (MDF boards works good)
- Wood glue
- Nails
- A closing system
- Hinges
- Soundproof foam (bought in a specialized store)
- Round pads

Total cost = approx. 40 

Let's start with the boards and glue them together:

Nail the boards together to make it stronger:

Add some pads under the box for two reasons. First because you dont want the box to leave marks on your floor. Second and mostly because if you dont do it, the vibrations of the compressor will be in contact with the floor and your soundproofing box will lose a lot of its efficiency.

Time to make the door :

Once the box is complete, drill two holes. One for the plugs, and another one on the top for the hot air evacuation. You dont want your compressor to overheat and burn, obviously. Now it's time to cut the soundproofing foam and glue it on every side inside the box.

The box is done! Sadly i dont have the device to mesure the decibels, but trusting my ears it's approximately twice less noisy. Now i can use it when the family is sleeping, thats awesome! 

Of course it's possible to make it more effective, with thicker foam, with double walls or whatever depending your needs. This is a cheap version, but it will be enough in many cases. The only thing i'll see in the future is if the compressor doesnt heat too much inside with only one aeration. Maybe i will have to add another one with a little ventilator. Stay tuned!

Cheers :)

Mushrooms - Blacksmith Miniatures

Today i would like to post a paintjob done for the Blacksmith Miniatures range. It's not realy a figure but some pieces to build sceneries...wild mushrooms to enhance your fantasy scenes. These mushrooms were sculpted by Stephan Camosseto and produced by Blacksmith Miniatures.

It was great fun to paint all these varieties of mushrooms ... and I guess they will soon decorate your forest sceneries.

And some pictures of the sculpt work by Stephane camosseto...and his facebook page where you can find some of his beautifull works

I wish you some good omelettes...