GOB'Z'HEROES - Skulls Mini

You dont know the GOB'Z'HEROES kickstarter yet? Well check this link, everything happens there!

My friend from SkullsMini behind the project was cool enough to give me some little gob's from the campain. I also had the opportunity to test the beta version of the game some time ago and i loved it. The rules are easy to understand, the games are fast & fun, the abilities & spells are hilarious... it was enough for me! So i decided to take some lead and to already paint three little fighters.

They are small and easy to build (most of them are in a single piece) so the prepping work went very fast! Just a few mould lines to sand, only two little air bubbles to fill over the three minis and it was done. Considering they will be painted for the game and to add a little personal challenge, i wanted to not spend more than 5 hours of painting on each one. I also and obviously did put them on gaming bases. Here they are :

In the end, only the mutant and the zombie needed some more time (maybe 6 or 7 hours to finish) as they have a lot of skin and im always slow to paint this stuff... I think sometimes it's a good exercise to force yourself being fast and not to go too much into details. It also creates good and purely relaxing painting sessions, only thinking about having fun ;).

I hope you like them and be sure more will come in the future! Cheers!


Some works to come...

Well...today is a good day to show you some works which are going to occupy me these next times. I currently have number of miniatures i need to achieve...but...sometimes there is proposal which I cannot refuse. Ok..it isn't very reasonable for somebody who has just a little time for painting...but well...here we go!

The first one is a new character produced by Blacksmith Miniatures, a funny 54mm's goblin sulpted by Valentin Zak. This commission, the seventh for this company, promises a lot of pleasure and a real challenge to make something of well.The work is already well moved forward...a fast paintjob which aims at the efficiency. It is nice to play with strong contrasts of colors. This one should be ended quickly.

The second one is something different of what I'm doing usually...and a new project which I am delighted to begin! It's also a goblin...but much bigger. This one tried to ride a pig...you understood...it's the new realization of Leben Models sculpted bye Lucas Pina Penichet, a very talented sculptor. I received it at home on november 13th which is a special day for pigs in the region from which I come from. Thanks to Benoit for this nice gift...this collaboration on your range is a good opportunity to test some paint tricks on a buste...a big scale which I am not used to paint!

Some pictures to show you the sculpt ... and the incredible painting work done by Benoit...difficult to come later...but I look forward to! More pictures here on his website!


And my own one...ready to be prime...

In it will come to be added things to be finished...a dwarf started last year during our class with Martin in Lyon, a small 32mm Achille sculpted by Steve party for Maow Miniatures contest "dress a johnny", a Smart Max Miniatures for an exchange ( non...je n'ai pas oublié notre petit échange Yannick...je me suis juste perdu en route...mais ça devrais venir...pour cette année normalement! )...and probably the beginning of a new sculpture. I wish you all an happy new year...hope 2016 will be a good year for all of us...health and painting above all!