The Raider - Nocturna Models

Today i would like to show you a kind of "in between"project...a small viking bust I wanted to do for a long time. First of all I like this kind of exercise. Painting a bust is something very different than painting a "on foot" model...the attention is entirely focused on the face as a focal point and you still have to find tricks to make the subject interesting. The atmosphere and the colors used are very important to put the character in context...with a bust you don't have a baseground to create the athmosphere...only colors and textures...only painting techniques. On one side it's easier...but on the other side...a lot of questions arise. With this one I tried to create a cold environment...with alternating warm and cold hues and get an interesting contrast between materials, textured equipement and soft blending on the face. It was a great fun to paint...I tried to keep a spontaneous painting and explore shades that goes in a different path already seen versions...hope you'll like this viking raider. 

Viking Raider: 1:12 scale bust produced by Nocturna Models

Have a nice day...cheers!


Dwarf - FER Miniatures

This time i want to show you another finished project...the "Random Encounter" dwarf produced by the FER Miniatures range. This dwarf, sculpted by Jonatán Monerris, was the subject of our last painting class in Lyon with Martin. This miniatures is now finished and was a great fun to paint.

And to finish, some wip pictures to show you a part of the painting process...


Hope you'll like it...see you soon with some new paintjobs...cheers!