Pirate bust sculpture

Hi all,

Today i just want to show you some pictures of my current sculpting work. It will be a simple and small pirate bust at 1/12 scale. The purpose is to work faces in detail and to get something expressive. I learnt many things with this face, in particular at the level of the volumes and how to catch the light to create expression...at present it is only the beginning of the learning on this subject but But when I see the results of real sculptors, I want to learn that! I am a little satisfied by the pilosity and that it is great! Hope you'll like this one! 




Kobold Blacksmith Miniatures

And finaly One more step in the world of Jean-Baptiste Monge with the coloring of the kobold sculpted by Patrick Masson. I had a lot of fun to paint this character that looks seemingly simple and easy to paint...but it was more difficult than expected to catch the atmosphere of the illustration. It was a great pleasure to paint something sculpted by the talented Patrick Masson...because it's been a long time i admired his works. This pice will not be the last of the series...a big bulldog and his pixie just landed on my workspace...

For last minute purchases...the Blacksmith Miniatures kikstarter is here:  "The world of  Jean-Baptiste Monge"

And finaly a picture of the original illustration done by Jean-Baptiste Monge. You can find the whole of his work on his personal site: www.jbmonge.com

Have a nice day!


Keykeeper and Red Cap - Blacksmith Miniatures

Matthieu already said some words about the Kickstarter campaign and about Jean-Baptiste Monge, and about our happiness to take part in the project. I cant say it better than him so i wont try.

It wouldnt be an easy task to paint these boxarts, for two reasons. First i have a lot of respect for the artist's work and also for the sculptors who created the 3D versions, Valentin and Patrick. Not exactly the right time to disappoint them, no? 
Second and as Matthieu started painting his models before me, i had to paint something close, in the style but also in the color choices. My blog partner is one of the painters i admire the most since i took the brushes for the first time. Having to be as close as possible with his work would be a difficult challenge. 

We took some time to share the colors he used, the choice of bases, and we were started! First with the Keykeeper...

... and second the Red Cap.

And finaly pictures of the original illustrations done by Jean-Baptiste Monge. You can find the whole of his work on his personal site: www.jbmonge.com

Cheers! ;)

St-Paddy's day Blacksmith Miniatures

Today it's with a lot of pleasure that I show you the first figure painted for this magnificent project that is the Kickstarter campaign "World of Jean-Baptiste Monge". It was with some apprehension, but also with impatience that I started this painting project. I'm a big fan of J-B Monge's work for a long time...an illustrator with a recognizable style and a world of his own. J-B Monge universe is abounding and rich. His characters, between celtic fantasy and fairy charachters are always tinged with realism which gives them a real existence. The color work is subtle and poetic...pastels colors, the importance of black and white and a realistic palet of brown and ocher tones...some things which goes perfectly with his complex universe. It was important to keep that in mind while adapting to a 3D paintwork and my own way of painting miniatures...hope he will recognize his work into my modeste paintjob...

Furthermore, the miniature itself is an incredible piece of work done by a great sculptor...Valentin Zak. For me, he is currently one of the best to give life to imaginary world. These sculptures are precise and with beautiful volumes...a real pleasure for all the painters.He has done a magnificent job on this miniature. These are two reasons to not lose the paintjob. Hope you'll like it!

"St-Paddy's day"

54mm figure
Sculpt by: Valentin Zak

And finaly a picture of the original illustration done by Jean-Baptiste Monge. You can find the whole of his work on his personal site: www.jbmonge.com