Öosram - Elves & Dwarves Kickstarter

Here is the last miniature i painted for the Elves & Dwarves kickstarter, Öosram the dwarf. The original piece was superbly sculpted by Valentin Zak, based on drawings from the comic saga "Nains" by Nicolas Jarry and Jean-Paul Bordier.

Since the painting will the the topic of a step by step for the backers of the campain, i cant tell you much about the process here, sorry.

I will paint two more miniatures for this campain in a near future, so stay tuned ;) .


Gobs Team - Blood Bowl

Hum...I started to paint a little Blood Bowl goblin as a test...the goal was to build a team to play...it was in 2013...well! These last days I painted the following two...oh yeah! Nothing special about these figures ... just that I love these gobs who are almost as old as me and who are as funny to paint as to prepare! I hope not to wait so long before continuing this serie of quick and relaxing painting...




And the first three players waiting to be joined by their comrades ... to be walked on cheerfully!

See you...cheers!


Noghx - Latorre

Hello friends, best 2018 wishes! ;)

Last months i found some time to finish a personal project, after the paintings for the Monge project and some others i cant show for now hehe.

I discovered this goblin bust from Raul G. Latorre lately and with surprise i didnt see any painted version yet. It's cool because i didnt have other versions in my head while starting it. No temptation to look at the colors, lights placement or treatments achieved by others. I find always difficult to paint something that has already been painted by a lot of great artists.

The colors are classical for a goblin, playing with greens, browns and some touches of purple and pink. Here are the base colors used for the skin, from bright to dark :

Ice yellow (MC), Golden brown (Amdrea), Spring green (SC75), English uniform (MC), Army green (Andrea), Royal purple (Andrea)

Nuances and dirt have been done with Old Rose (MC), Smoke (MC), Basic red (Andrea), Vermin brown (GW) and some others i've forgotten...

If you are interested, this bust is for sale. You can drop me a message here or on Facebook.