Matthieu - Blabla - Rouèche

Hi all,

My name is Matthieu Rouèche and i live in the french part of the Switzerland, between lac and mountains. I paint for a few years now and I'm still interested to give life to characters on a small scale. When I was a child, my mother drew me a lot of medieval knights and told me stories…my father practiced oil painting in the attic ... memories that have not left me. Then came a particular interest in the history, legends and fantasy, art and drawing. Painting miniatures is a mixture of these things...moreover I really like spending time sitting behind my painting table, a way to disconnect with the real world.

I like particularly the subjects stemming from fantasy univers, dwarfs, trolls and other goblins, but I am allowed tempt more and more by historic subjects, which dip back to me into interesting readings on nordic civilizations. Currently, I am learning to sculpt in order to go further in creating miniature figures… It is difficult but it reminds me of the anatomy drawing's work.

During these years, I met numerous people who share the same passion during exhibitions and on some miniatures forums and I like painting together with people as soon as I can. I met Martin for the first time during the World Expo 2011 in Montreux and was impressed by the quality of his work… Martin showed himself afterward as nice as its figures are beautiful. We decided to create a new blog together to show you our works and, if possible, a lot of different miniatures.


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