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Hi there and welcome!

So my name is Martin Goumaz, i'm born in 1982 and i live in Geneva, Switzerland. After studying the psychology at the university, i realised i didnt really want to work behind a desk the whole day. So i found a job in the social sector, working with kids in a neighborhood house. I enjoy it a lot. Next to it i'm also the proud father of two young kids, Robin and Maya. It's not always easy to find the time or the energy to paint when you have kids, but i try my best! My wife is also very comprehensive, it helps!

When i was a teenager i played some Warhammer 40k but i got bored of the game and sold all my miniatures when i was like 14 years old.  Then i totally forgot this hobby during many years. As far as i remember at the end of 2009, probably in november, i felt on the coolminiornot website while surfing on the web. I simply thought it could be fun to paint some miniatures during my freetime. At this period my wife was pregnant of our first kid and painting could also be a good option for the evenings at home. So i went to a local store to buy some paints, a brush and a lamp!

I tried to improve more and more alone with online tutorials or videos i could find on various websites. Then i decided to enter in some contests to progress and to meet people sharing the hobby. My very first one was the World Expo in Montreux in 2011, where i did meet Matthieu for the first time. Since then i went to some other contests, met a lot of nice people, discovered beautiful cities like Monte San Savino and got some trophies.

I told you i met Matthieu for the first time during the World Expo 2011 in Montreux. Since then and after several painting days and discussions shared together, i'm happy to count him as a friend. We both had a personal blog until now, but with our works, our families, we had difficulties to keep it enough updated. So we had the idea to make a new blog together that maybe will be updated more often, regrouping our works, ideas, reports or whatever :) .


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