Viking sculpt WIP V

To summarize my article of the day ... I am very happy and a little depressed. Contradictory ... yes, probably a little. Very happy because I completed most of my project and I can go to the stage of cooking....a bit depressed...because of the cooking precisely! Not really a disaster, but not what I expected. Notes for later ...first of not forget to clean the oven before cooking a miniature. 
Secondly...sealing cracks (small but cracks anyway) will take me a little longer...and the "green" will not be as pretty as I wanted because of alterations...well...I learn!

I took these first pictures just before cooking...the sculpture is finished. It remains for me to do hands, shield and the sleeve...

The problems occurred when cooking are probably coming from the time taken to sculpt the figure...even with an adequate preservation ( with a glass jar) the putty was probably a bit old...there are cracks. All cracks were repaired with Milliput juices and nothing will be visible when painting or casting. 

Some pictures of the current state...still a bit of work and it will be finished.

Hope you like it. See you soon!


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  1. C'est vrai que c'est plus simple de commenter dorénavant! Bon, ben je peux venir te dire ici que c'est superbe alors :-)