Sharki and other little works!

Hello everyone!

It has been quite a long time i didnt post anything, sorry for that. After the last Monte i experienced a lack of painting motivation, but it's coming back! This year i finished three pieces at this point, a Sharki from Black Sailors, the Random Encounter dwarf from Ferminiatures and the classical Airtis from Enigma Miniatures.

Let's begin with the Sharki, that i've painted for a miniatures exchange with a friend who is painting the exact same model. As my motivation was quite low, i painted him at snail speed but finally, i finished it ;) . It has been a cool piece for practicing water effects like waves as i never tried it before.

I'm pretty happy with his ugly face, what do you think?

The next one is the Random Encounter dwarf. It's a model that i painted during our workshop in Lyon with Matthieu, to show my techniques to the students. I quickly finished it when i came back home, painted an easy base and done ;) .

And finally the last one is Airtis the gnome, another classical from Enigma Miniatures. It's a piece i always wanted to paint and i used it as a training for lateral lighting. It was also painted to write a tutorial in the 4th issue of the WIP Magazine.

These two last models are for sale, check the "for sale" section if you are interested.

Cheers! ;)

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