Viking sculpt...complete

Today I am very happy to show you my last accomplished project. It is a special project for me because it is my first completed sculpture. In the past I had never succeeded in completing a miniature too many defects, things which did not please me...and tries which went directly in the trash can. This time it was different. Since the beginning I motivated to finish it...without thinking of the mistakes...just try to do my best. I reached my goal in my opinion. The figurine is not ideal, many things will be to improve on my next realizations...but it'ss a good base to build, to continue to learn sculpting. With this man, I wanted to make something realistic, to work the anatomy and the organization of the folds of clothes which I find essential in a sculpture. I learnt a lot. To learn to sculpt is a difficult way for me and many things will be to apply from the next one ...but when I see what can realize the real sculptors, I really want to try! 

Scandinavian Warrior - 54mm - Fimo and Milliput.

Since these pictures, i worked more on hands which were not accomplished. it will be probably casted if some of you are interested. Thanks to all of you who encouraged me and gave invaluable advice during the realisation of this character. i hope you'll like it!



3 commentaires :

  1. Glop glop Mathieu la forme ?

    Je suis très intéressé par des tirages si jamais tu en fais.

    Tiens moi au courant s'il te plait

    A Peluche
    Djey (Myrddin)

  2. Beautiful miniature! Please cast it - I would be very interested.

    Please let me know how I can get a copy.

    Many thanks,

  3. Excellente fig!!!!
    Si jamais y'a assez d'interesse a payerne =)

    beau travaille salutations ivan (membre des 5 marrons de lyon =P )