GOB'Z'HEROES - Skulls Mini

You dont know the GOB'Z'HEROES kickstarter yet? Well check this link, everything happens there!

My friend from SkullsMini behind the project was cool enough to give me some little gob's from the campain. I also had the opportunity to test the beta version of the game some time ago and i loved it. The rules are easy to understand, the games are fast & fun, the abilities & spells are hilarious... it was enough for me! So i decided to take some lead and to already paint three little fighters.

They are small and easy to build (most of them are in a single piece) so the prepping work went very fast! Just a few mould lines to sand, only two little air bubbles to fill over the three minis and it was done. Considering they will be painted for the game and to add a little personal challenge, i wanted to not spend more than 5 hours of painting on each one. I also and obviously did put them on gaming bases. Here they are :

In the end, only the mutant and the zombie needed some more time (maybe 6 or 7 hours to finish) as they have a lot of skin and im always slow to paint this stuff... I think sometimes it's a good exercise to force yourself being fast and not to go too much into details. It also creates good and purely relaxing painting sessions, only thinking about having fun ;).

I hope you like them and be sure more will come in the future! Cheers!


1 commentaire :

  1. 5 heures ? 5 ??

    Oh mon dieu, tu me donnes presque envie de m'en procurer...

    Très belle peinture, j'ai hate de voir ce que vont donner les autres après leur passage entre tes mains ! ;)