St-Paddy's day Blacksmith Miniatures

Today i'm very happy to show you my last paintjob...a special work for me which is part of a project launched by Blacksmith Miniatures based on the world of the artist Jean-Baptiste Monge. It was special because i admire his work of illustration for many years. His work is full of poetry, halfway between fantasy and our world...difficult not to believe in the existence of these characters by watching Jean-Baptiste Monge's realisation. Moreover, the miniatures were carved by talented sculptors, Valentin Zak and Patrick Masson...probably among the best of the moment.

It was very pleasant for me to try to adapt in 3D painting the colors work of J-B Monge...a great but difficult exercice because the painting of miniatures rests on the contrast to accentuate the volumes...contrats which are not very present in the original illustrations. I hope that the artist will find a little part of his universe in my modest realization.

"St-Paddy's day"

54mm figure
Sculpt by: Valentin Zak


Do not hesitate any longer to participate in this kickstarter launched by Blacksmith Miniatures in collaboration with J-B Monge...the miniatures are simply outstanding!  The Blacksmith Miniatures kikstarter is here:  "The world of  Jean-Baptiste Monge"

I kept the best for the end...the original illustration done by Jean-Baptiste Monge. You can find the whole of his work on his personal site:



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