Öosram - Elves & Dwarves Kickstarter

Here is the last miniature i painted for the Elves & Dwarves kickstarter, Öosram the dwarf. The original piece was superbly sculpted by Valentin Zak, based on drawings from the comic saga "Nains" by Nicolas Jarry and Jean-Paul Bordier.

Since the painting will the the topic of a step by step for the backers of the campain, i cant tell you much about the process here, sorry.

I will paint two more miniatures for this campain in a near future, so stay tuned ;) .


2 commentaires :

  1. Super le painture Martin! Genial comme d'habitude. J'imagine que la campagne est fini?
    Dommage j'aurais surement pledge vu che je lis les bd's

    1. Ivan, tu devrais les contacter via KS où via leur site, il y a peut etre moyen que tu te joigne tardivement à la campagne...