Radwulf the Lone Wolf - Mproyec

Hey hey hey!

Time to give some life to this blog! 

You may have noticed, the painting motivation has been very low since quite a long time, and i kinda disappeard from the miniatures scene. I'm not sure exactly why, but certainly a mix of different factors that i still need to identify clearly. Maybe one day i'll write something about it when it's clearer in my head.

I've only painted a few commission pieces during the last years and i just realised that all my last personnal projects are at least 2 years old (see below). Time flies so fast when you have kids (always easy to blame the kids) !

Fact is, i'm actually fighting hard to get some motivation back. I wish to find a way to enjoy this hobby again, to simply have fun playing with colors without thinking too much. With this idea in my head, i tried to finish a little conversion of the Radwulf, sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre, that i started more than a year ago...

So i tried to find the fun in the process, using different techniques without focusing to much on the smoothness or the purely technical aspects that often kill the painting fun. I also wanted to use true metallic paints, simply because i think that in hands, well painted true metallics will always look better than a NMM effect. I've always been disappointed with NMM effects in reality, but it surely looks cool on the pictures and it's really fashion actually. In the end, it's just a personnal preference, i dont want to offend my spanish friends :D

Finally and it's the most important, with this project i felt back some of the fun i've had in the past, i enjoyed tasting the colors again, filling my rusty wet palette with water, colors, and hearing the sweet compressor noise for some airbrushed finitions.

I wouldnt say my fight is over, but this is the kind of fun and personnal projects that, i hope, will wake the sleeping painter up.


PS: Maybe this will also wake my blog partner up!