Daemonette - JMD Miniatures


I've just finished something i started at the end of july, before to decide to go to the Games Day. It's a little Daemonette from JMD Miniatures, a great company that sadly stopped it's production. Well it's a 54mm. piece, sculpted by Mr. Carrasco and i must say the cast was very good. I only did resculpt the hair, because i lost the little resin piece... Anyways i think they are better like that with more dynamism.

On the paint side it's classical for a daemonette with pinkish skintones. As i wanted her to be in a cold atmosphere i just added some blues. As always i tried to be very clean, achieving smooth transitions. It's even more important when painting that kind of female with very soft volumes. It's painted only with the brush, acrylic colors, a wet palette and tap water, no additives such as mediums.

I'll write a very little tutorial soon about the base. It's the same technique as i used on the Sgt. Connor, very simple and very fast to achieve. It's good for martian or daemonic bases.

Hope you like, cheers!

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