Sgt. Connor - Martian Sunrise

Hi friends,

Some days ago i finished my version of Sgt. Connor from Andrea Miniatures with their Dark Nova series. The piece is quite big and casted with resin & metal parts. The cast was quite good so i didnt spent too much time on the prepping part. But i didnt like the original gun and the haircut of the guy, so i gave him a big military knife. After a long night of fights it sounds logical to be out of ammo, no? :) I also added him a headset with a mic, done with fimo and an acupuncture needle. The gun on the floor is made of parts of the original weapon + some resculpting.

I wanted to be a bit original in the painting so i decided to make a lateral lighting, after all the sun is rising! It was also an opportunity to paint some osl effects. I didnt see many green versions yet on the internet so green will be my color. It was also, in my mind, an "easier" color to use for a realistic lateral lighting.

I used the airbrush to paint the base of the color and to save a lot of time. I'm also a real beginner with this tool so it was cool to train with it. Then the real brush work could begin. But here are more pics, after you'll find the colour reciepe.


Base : Camo Green (GW), Kabalite Green (GW)
Lights : Ivory (MC), Mat Yellow (MC)
Shadows : Dark Sea Blue (MC), Black (MC)

Osl : Hawk Turquoise (GW), Ice Blue (GW), White (MC)

Rust / Scratches : Bestial Brown (GW), Scorched Brown (GW), Bloodstone (P3), Black (MC)

Metallics : Boltgun Metal (GW), Chrome (ModelAir), China Ink (Vallejo), Smoke (MC)

Hope you like, cheers!

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