Satryas the faun - Blacksmith Miniatures

Here is my last commission paintjob for the Blacksmith Miniatures range...a faun called Satryas sculpted by Valentin Zak. This time I tried to make a different paint job to create a dark athmosphere...Technically, I tested a lot of stuff on this one... textures, dirt and a more direct paintjob than usual....for me a more interesting approach. The baseground is intentionally simple and shows a devastated forest ...

This 54mm miniature was really funny to paint...and I hope to see many different versions. Hope you'll like it....


1 commentaire :

  1. Waouh c'est beau !
    Toutes ces couleurs qui se mélangent et qui viennent enrichir la sculpture pile au bon endroit.

    J'aurai aimé connaître les couleurs employées pour la toge et son violet, ainsi que celles de base pour la chaire, svp :)