Viking sculpt WIP III

I finally had some time available to continue to sculpt my Viking...three hours a week to paint and sculpt ... it's not enough...but that's the way it is! For this step, I started to sculpt the tunic's fabrics...and I really struggled with to have something that seems coherent and that respects the anatomy below. Unlike with painting, I have no automation and i groped to get some right and net volumes in a three-dimensional way. I still have to dress his arms...but before that I have to put his hands...which promises to be something difficult!

I also sketched his equipment ... sword and shield were done with some milliput putty. I can't count the number of times I broke the sword ...but it is in forging that one becomes a blacksmith!

Hope you'll like it!


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  1. Will this model be going off to a casters so that it can be purchased? I'd be very interested in a copy.