Workshop in Lyon - Review

Hello everyone,

We have been contacted, at the beginning of the year, by Laurent Vogel from the Fantask Team to give a painting class in Lyon (France). It was something new for us, that we never did before, but we both were very enthusiastic! We agreed on a three days workshop at the end of may inside the walls of Ukronium 1828, an amazing miniatures & games shop.

We chose the "Random Encounter" miniature from Ferminiatures, a nice little dwarf ideal to work on faces, leathers, hairs, clothes and metallics. We thought it would be easier to follow the students and to give advices if everyone has the same model. It would also be easier for them to apply what we show during the demonstrations.

So after some preparation, we were ready for it! The class started with the theory, to explain the students the color theory basics, the light, the contrasts and how to harmonize a piece. As some of them were mostly gamers and not experienced painters, it was necessary to start with it. After that, we were ready to prime the models and start painting!


The three days of the workshop alternated between theory, painting demonstrations, free painting time, individual monitoring, answers to questions... and eating chocolate! As you all know, miniatures painting is nothing without it. Some pics of the three days:





As you can see, the students have been very concentrated and worked hard on their dwarfs. We really want to thank them for the great time spent together, their motivation and interest, the efforts they did put in their paintings, their relevant questions and the great progress they made through the week-end. The pictures arent the best quality, but here is the result after three intense days of painting:


Amazing no? Well we have to say it has been an extremely rewarding experience, from the beginning to the end. In addition to the students, we have to adress a big thanks to Laurent and Patricia for making this possible and for their great sense of hospitality. The last big one will go to the Ukronium shop and in particular to Cédric for the welcome, the kindness, the coffees, the beers and much more.

What's next? We simply hope to be able to give more workshops like this in the future! Now that we have a little bit of experience, that our theory slides are done and that we recieved precious feedbacks from the the students, it can only go better ;) .


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