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Today i would like to show you a kind of "in between"project...a small viking bust I wanted to do for a long time. First of all I like this kind of exercise. Painting a bust is something very different than painting a "on foot" model...the attention is entirely focused on the face as a focal point and you still have to find tricks to make the subject interesting. The atmosphere and the colors used are very important to put the character in context...with a bust you don't have a baseground to create the athmosphere...only colors and textures...only painting techniques. On one side it's easier...but on the other side...a lot of questions arise. With this one I tried to create a cold environment...with alternating warm and cold hues and get an interesting contrast between materials, textured equipement and soft blending on the face. It was a great fun to paint...I tried to keep a spontaneous painting and explore shades that goes in a different path already seen versions...hope you'll like this viking raider. 

Viking Raider: 1:12 scale bust produced by Nocturna Models

Have a nice day...cheers!


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