Viking Raider - Northern Winds

Yeehaa i'm back on the blog with something that made me really happy! Maybe you have seen on Facebook or here the wips of the Viking sculpture from Matthieu. Well, he finished it and i loved the pose and the details of the sculpt. He didnt eat too much proteins, he is quite old and begins to lose some of his hair on the forehead and he looks almost peaceful. Not the typical viking sculpt we are used to see. In some ways it also reminds me the old and famous Latorre range. 

Cherry on the cake, Matthieu asked me if i wanted to paint the boxart. Of course i said yes and i started thinking about the colors as i didnt have to follow any concept. I wanted something quite simple and effective with a lot of textures and without fancy freehands. For a boxart, i think the main goal is to show the quality of the sculpture, without painting too many "distractions". 
The first choice has been a blue for the tunic and it guided the tonality of the other elements. For a historical piece, it is often better to stay quiet with the colors and to think about achieving a realistic effect. Well, i didnt paint many historical miniatures yet, but i did my best ;) . 

If you like this sculpt as much as i do, you can find a copy on ferminiatures.

Here are also some WIP shots:

Cheers! ;)

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