Uruk'ta - Leben Studio

I think you all know Leben Studio and it's great range of miniatures and busts. I've recently been in touch with it's owner, Benoît Ménard, who did propose me (thanks!) to paint his last model : Uruk'ta. 

It is a very big orc bust, with sort of an inca style headdress and a lot of ornementations on the back with feathers, bones, leaves and many other things. So the first time i saw it i was a bit scared. I did never paint something that big and the amount of details could  make the piece very difficult to read. It is a very challenging model to paint so i was very happy to give it a try.

After a lot of back and forth during the painting process due to the size of the piece and my lack of experience with big scale busts, i reached a point that satisfies me : 

Hope you like it, cheers ;)

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