Pirate bust sculpt

I'm always happy to get to the end of a project ...especially when it comes to sculpture. I like more and more the way of sculpting and I start to find some automatisms, some sensations that make me love even more the experience with putty. This project made me aware of one essential point ... the importance of the basic volumes of the piece. Indeed, it is tempting for me to work in detail quickly while the 90% of a successful piece comes from a good balance of masses and consistency of volumes. These elements give the general impression that no detail will be erased if this step is not good. Especially for small subjects, the basic structure should allow to identify by far the silhouette and the subject...the details remain ... details. For future achievements, I will try to go more towards something expressive, more dynamic ... to find the small movement that gives life even for static subjects ... a whole program. A big thank you to everyone who commented, criticized, explained ... it's really important for me in this learning path. Hope you like this bust! 

"Pirate Bust"
1/12e sculpture
Fimo Professionnal+Fimo soft





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