Kobold - Blacksmith Miniatures

Following the World of Jean-Baptiste Monge kickstarter campain from Blacksmith Miniatures i had to paint another little guy for a special reason i can't explain yet... Sorry :D .

I wanted to paint the kobold since a long time, his pose is really cool and characterful. The sculptors (Valentin Zak, Patrick Masson, Stéphane Camosseto) did an amazing job on all the models of the project. Another cool thing is i was free to paint it with the colors i wanted. Being free makes the work always more enjoyable!

Most of the paintjob has been done during a great painting day spent with my blogmate Matthieu. The kind of day i would love te repeat more often. Overall it has been a very pleasant miniature to colourize, with nice volumes, no useless details overloading the piece and not too much time consuming.

You can also see on the blog the superb boxart version painted by Matthieu some time ago.


2 commentaires :

  1. Looks amazing! Also love the miniature. How many hours did u spend painting it and what techniques do u mainly use?

  2. Thanks! Huh big question... Maybe approximately 15 hours to paint it. About the techniques i used the brush only, with a mix of sketching, glazing and lining depending the areas of the figure. Just a lot of back and forth between these 3. Hope it helps. Cheers