Midnight Walk - Zombie girl from Knight Models

Hi chocolate eaters,

I love doing miniatures exchanges with friends, and for the last one i had to paint another skeleton or something close like a zombie or... to make it short, something that normally shouldnt live :) . I searched and found this superb & pretty girl from Knight Models in 54mm, it would be perfect for the theme.

After a little talk with Matthieu and some laughs about the "night mode", that was the thing! I wanted her to be walking in the tall grasses at midnight. Like the one you wouldnt be happy to meet during your footing in the countryside...

Let's kill the thing, i have no WIP pictures! Haha! Sometimes you're just painting and you forget everything. But i still can talk a little about the process and the colors used. Better than nothing i guess. So for a night mode i obviously used blues and blacks, no surprise. Also purples and reds to give some more chromatic variation and tiny touches of warm browns (close to orange) to play with the blues. Finally very subtle green nuances were added, to play with the reds and also to give some more saturation.

About the technique, first i used the airbrush to give some colors and the general lighting. I wanted a strong light on the upper body, to simulate a strong and shiny moon. Then the real work came with the brush. I always rework everything with it, i simply never understood how to have a good finish with an airbrush. I started with the face, as it's the focal point and the funniest part to do on this model. It also gave a guideline for the rest, that was just about clothes. I mostly paint with very thinned paint, almost water, applied in many layers. Finally i added some blood, mixing Tamiya X-27 Clear Red with black and blue. As you can notice i didnt splash blood everywhere as it's usually done on this kind of subject. I simply dont like when blood hides too much the previous work. It also would scare my young kids :) .

Here's a short list of the colors i used, mixed in different proportions:

White (MC), Space Wolves Grey (GW), Scab Red (GW), Violet Red (MC), Lime Green (MC), Blood Red (GW), Dark Sea Blue (MC), awk Turquoise (GW), Black (MC), Smoke (MC), Bestial Brown (GW), Scorched Brown (GW), Burnt Umber (MC), Camo Green (GW), X-27 Red (Tamiya).

I may also write a tutorial about tall grass and how to paint it, if someone is interested.

Thats all ladies, meuuuh!

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  1. Elle fait vraiment flipper. Avoir gardé la couleur du socle brun permet de ne pas assombrir la mise en scène, ça donne de bonnes idées.