The Boelg - Alambic Miniatures

The Boelg was something i had in mind since quite a long time. I always wanted to put him in a post-apo scene, like if he was a lonely survivor riding his mutant dog. It's also a miniature we didnt see a lot of versions yet. I like that!

The cast was... horrible! Quite a lot of bubbles, gaps between parts and so on. So first i spent a lot of time fixing it, and also to resculpt some parts. For his weapon i wanted a bow, but not an usual one, a compound bow. So i took some old clock parts, plastic card and it was done (strings will be made after painting with hair stolen from my wife). I also added some leather belts, armor plates, a hunting knife, resculpted a bit the bags on the dog and some other little details like the arrows.

The build of the base is quite simple, it's a sheet of cork on big bricks to give some elevation to the scene. The street lamp is made of an old brush, plastic card and putty. Well, to make it short here are some pics! If you have questions, just ask :) .

On the painting side you can read a tutorial about the dog's skin inside the WIP Magazine 02, downloadable at this link . For the rider and as usual i primed it  black and white and then used the airbrush just to give a basic color. After that it's only brush work with the colors you can see on the pic of my palette (before it gets messy) and some more i forgot about :p. As always i paint with highly thinned paint to achieve a smooth finish that is very important when you paint human skin.

A lot of steps & hours later, here's the finished project :

 I hope you like it and feel free to ask if you have questions!


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  1. La volupté des couleurs est toujours aussi impressionnante.. Bravo pour avoir maintenu la qualité sur tous les détails de la pièce !