Welcome on this new blog, Cows & Chocolate!

First of all, who are we? We are two miniatures painters from Switzerland, Matthieu Rouèche (Blabla) and Martin Goumaz (Dre4mit). We met for the first time at the World Expo 2011 in Montreux. Since then we became friends and we share some painting sessions together, when our works and our families leave us some freetime. That means not very often, sadly. If you want to know more, jump to the "About us" section.

Why a new blog? We are both quite busy between work, family and other hobbies. We both had a personal blog before, but not enough time to keep it updated frequently. Considering this fact, we simply thought: "Hey, if we post on the same blog maybe it will be updated more often!". We just hope the future will give us right... :D

Why this name? Choosing a name for a blog isn't a very easy thing... As we're both swiss, we wanted to have something that reflects our country. After several months of intense brainstorming (lol), we stopped on "Cows and Chocolate". Simply because in Switzerland... we have a lot of cows and we produce good chocolate! You wouldn't have guessed it, right? Our wives told us this name was crappy, but we keeped it anyways! 

What will you find here? Hmmm tough question, when we know it's a blog about miniatures... Maybe some articles about paintjobs, WIP's, events reports... Let's be crazy, maybe even tutorials! And if we totally lose our minds, maybe some stuff that isn't directly miniatures related! Who knows...

What now? Meuuuuh!

2 commentaires :

  1. Elles sont où les vaches mauves ? :)

    Longue vie à ce nouveau blog les amis !

  2. Hi! Thank you for doing a blog, I'm a big fan of your work!